Declaration of Universal Pleasure




  1. everyone has the right to pleasure as much (or little) as they like, in whatever form it suits them.
  2. everyone has the right to free and unfettered expression of gender attraction(s) and presentation(s).
  3. everyone has the right to express pleasure unrestricted by number or relationship (or lack thereof).
  4. marriage relationships shall be free of gender and number restrictions. any agreement regarding pleasure in or out of the marriage is strictly personal, not legal.
  5. offers for pleasure may be freely accepted or declined — one has the right, at any time, to say yes, or no
  6. Social

  7. information on all forms of pleasure shall be made available to all in order to facilitate informed choice about the rights, responsibilities and potential consequences of pleasure.
  8. contraception and information about contraception shall be readily available to all who request it, regardless of age or social status. abortion on demand shall be available to all requiring it, regardless of ability to pay, that no child need be born unwanted.
  9. people have the right to pleasure themselves and each other anywhere and anytime they want, while not endangering themselves (unless chosen) or others
  10. pleasure as commerce (paying others for pleasure, performance, therapy or media) shall be unrestricted subject to all rights and obligations herein
  11. pleasure as recreation?